Skins Tournament Information

Skins Tournament Details

6 innings - 1 skin per inning, tied carry over

Example of Innings:

  • Inning 1 - Start with a 1-1 count & 1 out.
  • Inning 2 - Start with runner at 2nd
  • Inning 3 - Foul Balls are automatic outs.
  • Inning 4 - Start with runner on 3rd.
  • Inning 5 - Start with a 2-2 count on each batter, 4 outs an inning.
  • Inning 6 - Start with bases loaded.

Coin toss determines home team which bats last for first 3 innings

Any time a skin won, the inning ends. To win skin must have the most runs in an inning.

5 runs max any inning.

Extra innings start at inning one format again.

Max 2 extra innings, if still tied each team gets half of remaining skins.

A Registration Form for this fun and unconventional tournament can be found by clicking here


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